About us


NEW URBAN VIEW is an independent lighting design and consultancy office. Our designs can either be emphasising the beauty of exisiting architecture like of a medieval monument. Respecting its cultural heritage value, not adding that much. Just adding a fantastic 3-D experience.
Or our designs can be adding a whole new perception of a commercial building that needs to be more attractive to customers. Or a traffic tunnel trespassers will be lured to pass through and feel more safely. Moreover, we can serve you with full contracting responsibility for the realisation of the design.


Enlighting the object as an essential element in its environment. We know how to respect the value of darkness. This philosophy creates a dramatic, theatrical effect. We focus on the details which matter. The sum of details create the typical NEW URBAN VIEW design.


By interactive sessions with customer and stakeholders, all necessary input for a design is obtained. All the wishes and the constraints. With this approach, a custom made design is made. Our drive is to surprise our customer. Two or more sketch drawings will be presented to decide about. The selected design will then be worked out in a very high quality rendered 3-D visual. What You See Is What You Get. To be used for marketing purposes or to inform stakeholders. With the design comes a complete material order list. This is special about the NEW URBAN VIEW approach. The design is then regarded as a completed order and invoiced. The customer has full freedom to contract the realisation with an installation company he prefers. However, we need to monitor the execution in order to guarantee the design quality.


We do take full contracting responsibility for the realisation of the project as well. The installation services are preferably subcontracted to a local company with experience in outdoor or indoor lighting installations with or without interactive, dynamic lighting control systems.


Jeroen Jans, Creative Director

jeroenA lighting design architect, born 1970, with more than 20 years of experience in the professional market for events, concerts, shows, broadcasting and webcast productions. Has broad international experience. To be able to perform on time against the highest quality standards is an absolute prerequisite to keep a position in this highly demanding market. Jeroen thrives well there.

He is one of the top five lighting design architects in the Netherlands in this field. Has designed a large number of very well known formats in television broadcasting and shows, taking a responsibility beyond just the lighting schemes: the total experience. Works with the most famous international producers. In architectural design he has realised differentiating project in buildings, monuments and traffic tunnels.

Hans Kattemölle, Managing Director

foto Hans zw-wit 2 (2)Managing director and entrepreneur in electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as in technical installation business. Born 1957, he has more than 30 years of experience in this field. Has held the position of one of the largests engineering and installation companies of the Netherlands for more than 9 years. Has broad international experience.

Is driven by the urge to create an special experience of a building or public space by making use of technical installations in a broad sense, thereby adding value to a building or public space. Is always looking for creative solutions to achieve the lowest possible Costs of Ownership and at the same time effectively meeting todays’ sustainability demands. Holds a number of advisory positions.